Case Studies

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Case Studies 

Expertise and Efficiency in Network Architecture

A client faces challenges with network architecture. They turn to us for our expertise in outside plant and practical field experience. The result? Efficiency, cost-savings and solutions to more challenges.

After establishing a strong working relationship with our client as their quality assurance vendor, we were invited to participate in the pre-release review of their newly redesigned network architecture. In bringing us onto their select review team, they sought our outside plant expertise and practical field experience for an in-depth analysis of the architecture’s outside plant feasibility, link budgets and any other potential issues we could uncover. 

As a result of our review, we proposed several design improvements for increased efficiency. Specifically, we developed a new method of serving large multi-family residential units which, by refining their classification, would decrease service issues and overbuilds while increasing speed to market. We also recommended a market and hut boundary selection process which, by focusing on living unit density rather than municipality boundaries, improved the cost of households passed and constructability on the fringes of the service area.

Our client has adopted the boundary selection methodology we designed and is seeing marked improvements in their costs per household passed. Our MDU strategy is being studied for feasibility in their existing build-outs. Due to our client’s high satisfaction with our work, we have been asked to continue our collaboration on other projects, including consultation on the development of their proprietary network design, display and analysis tool.  


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