Case Studies

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Case Studies 

Racing Past the Competition with FTTB

One aspect that sets CHC apart is our speed. In one project, we were instrumental in enabling our client to capitalize on a new business initiative through the sheer speed at which we performed the work.

In an effort to get ahead of their competition, our client decided to proactively reach out to businesses and entice them to adopt the new fiber-to-the-business (FTTB) deployments proposed. This was a different approach, as these projects were typically driven by customer demand, where our client’s customers requested these deployments on an as-needed basis. After winning the bid, we quickly brought on additional resources and analyzed the processes used to accomplish this work. We ultimately found areas where we could greatly cut lead times.

We made a significant investment in technology, specifically the use of tablets for our fielding team to collect data, and used this along with our newly augmented team. This combination resulted in a rate of completed work that stunned and impressed our client. By replacing the then industry-standard of hand-drawn fielding sketches with tablets, we were able to provide our engineers with one-day fielding turnaround. Data was provided to our client in days, when previously delivery of such data took weeks. The use of tablets for field employees was not a common practice in the industry and was a new endeavor for CHC, but proved to be an immediate success.

The impact our solution had on our client was incredibly valuable. We were consistently early on due dates, which provided our client with more time to carry out their side of the FTTB deployment. Our rates provided considerable cost-savings to our client, as they reported that the use of their internal staff would have been much more costly. In addition, our client noted that our work on this initiative allowed them to eliminate unknown fluctuations in their business, as they now had a steady stream of FTTB deployments.

Customer testimonial: “With CHC, we were able to save tenants lead time, cutting it from 180 days to a 45-day window. The quality of work was definitely excellent. A+!”


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