Field Engineer

Location: Tri-Cities Area, Washington

Job Type: Direct Hire

Job Id #: 6376

Field Engineer will be responsible for aerial and underground data collection while validating a viable cost effective path for engineering.  Decision making will take into consideration value engineering and the impact on construction, installation and future maintenance.  Must be able to demonstrate comprehensive ability to support engineering. 
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (Including, but not limited to:) 

  • Collect relevant Pole Information
  • Determine ideal locations for new above ground facilities
  • Conduct Underground/Buried Cable layout surveys
  • Develop accurate fiber/optical network construction surveys
  • Conduct new substructure site surveys
  • Determine existing and new locations for fiber optic cables
  • Inspect the work of construction contractors
  • Accurately depict new construction route opportunities 


  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to accommodate travel in personal vehicle.  
  • Telecommunications Engineering Standards 
    • Capable of identifying issues in the field that would have a potential to impact network design.
    • Able to collect necessary data from the field for determining a design including all necessary OSP features.
  • Understanding of Telecommunications Construction Techniques
    • Able to identify and suggest all types of construction methods within ROW, identify assumed public ROW, visually identify existing utilities.
  • Basic Knowledge of Make-Ready Construction
    • Able to identify potential cable moves and, guying and anchoring requirements to make room for new cable attachments.  
    • Able to effectively account for all information that is required to attach to a pole and complete all necessary measurements and photos.
  • Experience and understanding of outside plant construction techniques.
  • Knowledge of fiber networking and cable routing.
  • Comprehensive understanding of GO 95, GO 128 and NESC requirements.
  • Experience in estimating existing utility locations.
  • Fiber construction operations/management/provisioning experience.
  • Experience in either the engineering, construction, architecture or telecommunications industries.  
  • Experience with interpreting cable or substructure designs.  
  • Ability to upload/download and edit documents in Project Management software.
  • Intermediate skills in Microsoft Office programs and Adobe Acrobat. Working knowledge of Google Earth. Ability to quickly learn new systems and databases. Highly organized, self-starter, and detail oriented.  
  • Excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills.  
  • Superior time management.  
  • Strong attention to detail.    
  • Ability to be flexible, take direction with ease, including changes to schedule and workflow priorities.  
  • Critical thinking skills; make assessments and provide solutions to problems.  
  • Ability to maintain professional tact in a fast-paced work environment with internal personnel and clients.  
  • Ability to follow direction in maintaining all Field Safety standards.      
  • Superior customer service. Dedication to providing customers “White Glove Service”.  
  • Experience in either the engineering, construction, architecture or telecommunications industries is a plus. 
  • Ability to stand, stoop, squat and bend for extended periods of time.   
  • OK with confined spaces.  
  • Tolerant to extreme elements (heat, sun, wind, rain, snow, etc.).  
  • Good vision and depth perception (corrective lenses OK).
  • Able to sit and drive for extended periods of time.