QC Engineer

Location: Carlsbad, California

Job Type: Direct Hire

Job Id #: 6534

CHC Consulting is not your everyday, cookie cutter kind of OSP engineering firm. We're better. We provide high caliber outside plant engineering and staffing solutions to top companies in the 
telecommunications industry. Our singular focus: engineering solutions for the telecom industry. Our signature outcome: satisfied clients. We provide turnkey, cost effective engineering solutions that save 
client’s time, resources and money. We specialize in staffing the best and brightest telecommunications professionals for contract and full time positions with leading companies nationwide.  
Responsible for the engineering and design of the most cost-effective, accurate and high quality OSP construction work prints while meeting or exceeding all client deadlines.  
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (Including, but not limited to:) 
•  Work in various customer specific systems to produce a cost effective engineered design for construction to place, splice, install and maintain for many years to come. 
•  Identify assigned fiber/copper pairs at a strategic access points and design an aerial and or underground path from point A to point B. 
•  Identify the necessary requirements to successfully attach fiber/copper cables to a poles as well as place cables in the underground environments. 
•  Engineer in the public right of way and on private property avoiding conflict with existing facilities. 
•  High school diploma or GED equivalent.  
•  Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics preferred. 
•  Experience and understanding of outside plant engineering and construction techniques. 
•  Experience working with Outside Plant Engineering in the following systems: AutoCAD, and or client-specific GIS software. 
•  Knowledge of fiber networking, routing, and network management.  
•  Deep understanding of Outside Plant Engineering as it pertains to the architecture of various FTTX networks. 
•  Construction experience preferred, but not required. 
•  Field experienced preferable, but not required. 
•  Experience with project management processes, tools, and the ability to coordinate multiple projects with reproducible results. 
•  Experience with AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel.  
•  Deadline driven, self-motivated, and technically savvy.
 Excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills.    
•  Superior time management.   
•  Strong attention to detail.     
•  Ability to be flexible, take direction with ease, including changes to schedule and workflow priorities.    
•  Critical thinking skills; make assessments and provide solutions to problems.     
•  Ability to maintain professional tact in a fast-paced work environment with internal personnel and clients.   
•  Superior customer service. Dedication to providing customers “White Glove Service”Engineer II 
•  2-3 years OSP Design experience  
•  Capable of designing projects with some oversight.  
•  Has a strong understanding of multiple job types and can complete work with minimal oversight.  
•  Understands how CHC engineering activities relate together and to the final product.  
•  Capable of performing ad-hoc requests for complicated QA or Design services with some explanation and oversight.  
•  Understands and follows design & quality standards.  
•  Understands route planning decisions, as well as in-field and construction concerns and efficiencies.  
•  Requires quality audits for consistency, but should not have basic errors.