Fiber Engineer

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Job Type: Direct Hire

Job Id #: 6639

Job Description

The Fiber Engineer oversees the design of Outside Plant (OSP) prints, as well as OSP fiber designs with accurate Access Points, calculations, best path analysis, and overall cost effectiveness.


Overall Responsibilities

  • Develop Right of Way (ROW) analysis of planned fiber plant, including the identification of required Utility and Permit Applications.
  • Serve as fiber and OSP design subject-matter expert.  Support Project Managers with recommendations and project evaluation.
  • Optimize and ”value engineer” an effective fiber engineering design.
  • Identify requirements to successfully attach fiber to poles.
  • Design, document, verify, and inspect OSP design, routes, and installation.
  • Design, document, verify and inspect fiber components such as huts, hubs, splice cases, and terminals. 
  • Secure and review OSP engineering quotes from vendors.
  • Review and optimize fiber routing. 
  • Review Permit Drawings for quality control and submit for approval.
  • Ensure proper handoff between Aerial, Underground, and Leased plant between multiple vendors.
  • Evaluate fiber strand capacity and, if necessary, engineer overlash/overbuild facilities
  • Attend fiber engineering and deployment calls and meetings.
  • Support the generation of third-party Fiber Lease Maps and Reports.
  • Vendor management:
    • Generate Hub/Hut entry drawings.
    • Complete timely Aerial engineering (including windload), Underground engineering, and submittals.
    • Create Permit and Aerial Tracking Reports.
    • Ensure drafting and Geospatial Standards are met.
    • Generate Make-Ready Packages.
    • Create Fiber Splice Designs and Cut Sheets.
  • Support the generation of Bill of Materials (BOM) and Construction Packages.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics preferred.
  • Experience and understanding of OSP construction techniques. 
  • Experience with various OSP engineering concepts, inclusive of copper and fiber optic cable.
  • Previous OSP experience relative to identifying assigned Access Point fiber pairs and designing Aerial and Underground path facilities.   
  • Advanced expertise in Fiber Splicing.
  • Knowledge of Telephone Industry Standards, inclusive of interpreting mechanized assignment records and OSP drafting systems.
  • Able to utilize Facility Analysis Process to prepare Work Order drawings and to update related records in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Knowledge of fiber networking, routing, and network management.


Qualifications (continued)

  • ISP fiber planning experience relative to identifying proper design for Hut facilities.
  • Utility company experience (permits, ROWs, sketches, coordination, etc.) preferred.
  • Experience with all aspects of Telephone Poles: height of attachments, space requirements, class of pole, guying, anchors, cable re-arrangements, span lengths, and pole replacements.
  • Experience in designing underground environments such as manholes, handholes, and pedestals to pull fiber optic cable through conduit and access points. 
  • Experience with engineering in Public ROWs and Private Property to ensure prevention of conflict with existing facilities.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office/Google suite and Google Earth.
  • Ability to adapt to scheduling changes and workflow priorities.


Travel Requirements

  • Occasional travel relative to training and client communications may be required.

This job description outlines primary but not exclusive duties to be performed by the individual occupying this Position.  Employees are required to follow all job-related instructions and to perform duties as requested by the Supervisor.