Our expertise in OSP design allows us to address every OSP design challenge, making us a one-stop shop for all design needs. We offer comprehensive design solutions, including planning, aerial, and underground/buried environment construction and engineering.

Design Process

We combine industry-set standards with our creative approach to accelerate the design process.


A kick-off meeting is used to thoroughly understand the customer’s needs and preferences. This meeting discusses high-level needs and processes, customer expectations, and includes brainstorming of ideas. We use this information to customize our services and processes, ensuring a tailored experience for each customer.


At this stage, CHC’s industry experts put their heads together to create a streamlined, tailored process to successfully complete the project.


Consistently expedient and successful execution stems from our ability to break down a project into parallel work streams that converge and result in high-quality design that is completed in the shortest possible time. As we work through the project, we’re able to provide the customer with real-time, detailed status updates of the deliverable.

Monitoring and Controlling

Our strengths include our experience in quality control and assurance. With each project, a panel of managers are tasked with identifying and addressing potential deficiencies. With multiple stages of quality control throughout the project process, we can closely monitor and control the quality of the project.


Upon project completion, we deliver a high-quality design product within the committed time frame. Our work is not done once a project concludes – we make every effort to meet with our customer to gather feedback and ensure their satisfaction with our product and processes.