Quality Assurance

CHC is unique in its approach to quality assurance, offering an all-encompassing assessment and solution.

Quality Assurance

CHC is unique in its approach to Quality Assurance in that we review in terms of OSP efficiency and typical design practices, offering an all-encompassing assessment and solution. Our peers often seek out a “punch list” of items to review, taking an approach that is focused more on merely compliance. At CHC, we address more than compliance issues. We uncover cost savings opportunities, constructability issues, data consistencies, and more.

Through our work, we have found the need to provide project management and guidance along with our Quality Assurance Services. This usually involves an initial meeting to ensure understanding of all aspects for all involved in the project; through this meeting, we can expose and discuss potential issues to address later in the project. CHC conducts follow-up meetings to explain these findings and walk the client through typical solutions for the issues uncovered, along with recommendations to avoid them in the future.

With our history of quality design, we are experienced and can identify likely points of design deficiency and points of critical concern for the network architecture chosen. Our offerings also include detailed data integrity checks to ensure that critical GIS data is present and accurate, allowing for better network records and ease of network resolutions. Using our findings, we tailor our Quality Assurance to the needs of the client and project.

By thoroughly reviewing architecture compliance, data inconsistencies, constructability issues, and value engineering, we can provide a clear view into the quality of produced designs. By pairing industry standards for design and construction with research into local permitting and construction guidelines, we offer cost savings opportunities, ensure the project is completed as efficiently as possible, and offer solutions to avoid issues in the future.